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Truth in Science
Three new statements on teaching origins in schools Print E-mail

The past week saw the publication of three major new statements on the teaching of origins in schools.

  • The Council of Europe passed a strongly worded resolution against challenging evolution in school science lessons.
  • The UK Government published guidelines saying that schools can teach about creationism and intelligent design in science lessons, and answer pupils’ questions.
  • The Institute of Education (University of London) launched a book co-edited by Prof. Michael Reiss, who stated on BBC Radio 4 that pupils’ views on origins should be treated “seriously and respectfully”.

These statements were covered in the media reports below:

BBC Teachers 'fear evolution lessons'

The Independent Creationism should be tackled in science lessons, schools told

The Guardian Experts call for creationism in the classroom

The Daily Mail European human rights watchdog tells governments: 'stop teaching creationism and Christian campaigners force new guidelines over creationism

The Daily Telegraph Creationism can be a topic in class





It seems that the evolutionists are convinced that they have found the last word on life, some of us however, doubt that they have the full answer, and so are still searching.

Dr Milton Wainwright, Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield


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