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Truth in Science
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The Council of Europe, a human rights body based in Strasbourg, will vote this Thursday on a resolution opposing the teaching of intelligent design in school science classes.

The strongly worded resolution and memorandum claims that intelligent design is "dangerous" and "anti-science". It is concerned that teaching a diversity of opinion in the classroom could lead to the "advent of an 'all things are equal' attitude, which may seem appealing and tolerant but is actually disastrous".

To justify the Council's interest in this subject, the resolution and memorandum make the outlandish claim that human rights and democracy are under threat.

The resolution can be found here:

Contact details for national representatives can be found here:




Evolution by natural selection...has lately come to function more as an antitheory, called upon to cover up embarrassing experimental shortcomings and legitimize findings that are at best questionable and at worst not even wrong.

Robert B. Laughlin, A Different Universe (New York: Basic Books, 2005)


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